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Title here! 2/6/2017 Exposé
Serge Pinto*, Hélène Wilquin** : Éthique et nouvelle législation en matière de recherche sur la personne humaine >>

9/6/2017 LPL seminar
Séminaire de l'équipe "Systèmes et usages" >>

9/6/2017 Exposé
Alain Ghio : Evaluation vocale assistée (EVA2) >>

16/6/2017 Exposé
Anne-Sophie Dubarry*, Christelle Zielinski** : Mouvements oculaires >>

30/6/2017 LPL seminar
Séminaire de l'équipe "Interactions" >>

31/8/2017 Conference
Workshop Parkinson >>

5/10/2017 Conference
Deux figures majeures dans l'histoire de la linguistique : Jean Dubois (1920-2015) et Françoise Dubois-Charlier (1941-2016) >>

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Project Gendered voice of Youtube users (AAP 2017 GIS Institut du Genre)
Project Influence of Language on Speech Impairments in Parkinson's Disease (PHC Procore 2017 - Hong Kong): Adding Cantonese to the FRALUSOPARK Project
Project Prosody and information structure in German and French (PHC Procope 2017 - Allemagne): Variation and convergence
Project EVAL-IC (Erasmus+ 2016): Évaluation des compétences en intercompréhension : réception et interactions plurilingues.
Project TIBLT (ANR JCJC 2016): Towards an Integrated Brain Language Theory.
Project ILCB (Institut Convergences 2016, Investissement d'Avenir): Institute of Language, Communication and the Brain.

The Laboratoire Parole et Langage supports the "March for Science" which defends the independence and freedom of public scientific research.


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17/5/2017 Communiqué - On 17 and 18 May, the LPL will participate for the second time at the SHS Innovative Exhibition (CNRS) to be held this year at Parc Chanot in Marseille. On this occasion, the laboratory (stand SA9) will present numerous valorisation activities, which are part of four themes: Health, Territory, Education and Heritage. The laboratory is also involved in two other stands: Acorformed (Virtual Reality Platform, SA17) and Ortolang (Mutualization of linguistic resources, ED5). >>

9/5/2017 Communiqué - We are pleased to announce that the Centre for speech experimentation (CEP) has just obtained its labeling 'Aix-Marseille Technological Platform' (AMU). Hosted at the LPL and composed of different technical platforms on a surface of 150 m2, the CEP is an experimental platform for collecting and processing data for the study of speech production and perception. >>

Site Web du CEP - Plateformes technologiques Aix-Marseille

29/4/2017 Annonce - Joana Revis, vocologist speech therapist and lecturer attached to the LPL, is invited to speak at the TEDx general public conference on 29 April. Entitled "VOX: what voices for new ways?", it will take place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. >>

Site de la conférence - Joana Revis

27/4/2017 Parution - The book "Learner Autonomy and Web 2.0." edited by Marco Cappellini (LPL-AMU), Tim Lewis (The Open University) and Annick Rivens Mompean (Univ. Lille 3), will be published by Equinox Publ. in May 2017. This book explores tensions between the classical definitions of learner autonomy and the learning dynamics observed in specific online contexts. In particular, the book proposes, through its eight contributions, to investigate how learner autonomy can be developed in Web 2.0 environments, with particular attention to the social dimension of this process. >>

Lien vers l'ouvrage - Marco Cappellini
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ROMAIN, Christina; FRACCHIOLLA, Béatrice
Violence verbale et communication numérique écrite : la communication désincarnée en question. >>

INTARTAGLIA, Bastien; WHITE-SCHWOCH, Travis; MEUNIER, Christine; ROMAN, Stéphane; KRAUS, Nina; SCHÖN, Daniele
Native language shapes automatic neural processing of speech >>

Does orthographic training on a phonemic contrast absent in the listener’s dialect influence word recognition? >>

LAGIER, Aude; LEGOU, Thierry; GALAND, Camille; AMY DE LA BRÉTÈQUE, Benoît; MEYNADIER, Yohann; GIOVANNI, Antoine
The shouted voice: study of the larynx physiology under extreme aerodynamic pressures >>

DITTINGER, Eva; BARBAROUX, Mylène; D'IMPERIO, Mariapaola; JÄNCKE, Lutz; ELMER, Stefan; BESSON, Mireille
Professional Music Training and Novel Word Learning: From Faster Semantic Encoding to Longer-lasting Word Representations >>

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TIPA : Travaux Interdisciplinaires sur la Parole et le Langage, or Interdisciplinary works on speech and language
No 32 (2016) : Discourse in conflict and conflict in discourse: Linguistic and communicative approaches
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Revue Etudes Créoles
Vol. XXXIII, no 2 (2015)
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