Séminaire de Marcus Martins


Marcus Martins

(UNICAMP, Brazil)

Vendredi 17 novembre de 15h à 16h au LPL en salle de conférences B011

Prosodic cues as biomarkers for pathologies detection

Résumé :
In recent works we proposed that the prosodic parameters of speech bring information about biological and sociolinguistic aspects. In addition, it may lead us to a better description of the vocal alterations resulting from pathologies, like Parkinson Disease (PD), schizophrenia, COVID-19, and the syndrome named Long COVID-19. Furthermore, these changes may be confused with natural vocal variations in elderly people's speech, namely presbyphonia. In early studies about Brazilian Portuguese, we noticed that patients with schizophrenia showed less f0 variation and greater difficulty to implement prosodic constituents larger than a prosodic word, using unappropriated pauses and irregular f0 inflections. Covid-19 patients showed related results, concerning mainly the pauses. In the elderly people with PD, a first exploratory study showed that the variables spectral emphasis and HNR, which respectively indicated more vocal effort and more breathiness in the Parkinson group, although they are aspects expected in people with PD, they should be considered in future observations about these characteristics in the speeches of elderly with presbyphonia and the group that had COVID-19. The research to be conducted in the next six months aims to understand if these alterations are language specific, comparing Portuguese with French, and explore the differences the alterations among Parkinson Disease, Presbyphonia and Long Covid-19.

Organisé dans le cadre de la réunion du Groupe Transversal Prosodie du LPL et ouvert à tout le monde !

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