Prediction is to understand: a neuro-cognitive model of language based on prediction

We are pleased to announce the seminar “Prediction is to understand: a neuro-cognitive model of language based on prediction” given by Philippe Blache, research director at the LPL, this Friday 2 February at the Collège de France.

 This talk is as part of the seminar series entitled “Teaching languages to machines” and will be preceded by a lecture on “Multimodalities: NLP and images, NLP and speech” by Benoît Sagot (Annual Chair in Computer Science and Digital Sciences in partnership with Inria).

 The seminar will take place face-to-face, but will also be broadcast on the Collège de France website.

 Link (French):


Update of February 7th!

The seminar is available now online on


Illustration copyright: Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The (great) tower of Babel, about 1563, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (Austria) - public domain

LPL contributes to the Cognitive Technologies Exhibition and the Annual Scientific Convention of Carnot Cognition

On March 29, several members of the LPL took part in two national events organized by the Institut Cognition at the Cité des Sciences in Paris:

Thus, during the 2nd cognitive technologies exhibition for companies – “R&T Days Cognition” – Stéphane Rauzy and Mary Amoyal presented together the tool “SMAD: Automatic annotation of the intensity of smiles” based on a video demonstration.

For their part, Roxane Bertrand and Philippe Blache made a presentation entitled “How are conversational feedbacks processed? Description, modeling and cerebral bases” during the Annual Scientific Convention of Carnot Cognition which was organized in parallel.

Credits: Laboratoire Parole et Langage (LPL)

IMPEC 2022 symposium – Multimodal Interactions by Screen

IMPEC 2022 symposium - Multimodal Interactions by Screen

Space through the prism of the screen

ENS de Lyon, July 6-8 2022


On July 6, 7 and 8, the IMPEC 2022 symposium will take place. Following the exploration of presence (2016), the body (2018) and sensorialities (2020), the 2022 edition proposes to focus on the notion of space.

Christelle Combe, Marco Cappellini and Isabelle Cros (LPL/AMU) are part of the scientific and organizational committees.

Similarly, several members of the laboratory intervene during the event:

  •  Christine Appel, Marco Cappellini, Christelle Combe, Caroline Vincent : Hyflex learning and teaching : space and technological configurations for pedagogical activities and perceived presence
  • Caroline Vincent, Christelle Combe, Jean-François Grassin : Aménager un espace interactionnel partagé pour collaborer : le cas d’un séminaire polyartéfacté
  • Isabelle Cros, Marion Tellier: Construire et partager l’espace écranique en télécollaboration pour une autre relation pédagogique
  • Christelle Combe: Le spectacle vivant à l’épreuve du confinement : la reconfiguration des espaces à travers l’écran

Focus on creative practices in the FFL classroom

The SUPFLES Summer University will open its doors from July 4 to 16 around the theme of "Creative practices in the FFL classroom". This year, it welcomes face-to-face 17 French language teachers from different foreign countries to discuss their classroom practices (from primary to higher education).

Several members of the LPL will contribute in collaboration with teachers from SUL (formerly SUFLE), and in particular:

Summer school:

The LPL strongly represented at LREC 2022 Marseille!

After its cancellation in 2020, the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC) will open its doors for the 13th edition on June 20 in Marseille! It is the flagship event organized every two years by the European Language Resources Association (ELRA) and the Istituto di Linguistica Computazinale (ILC-CNR).

The local organizing committee is chaired this year by Philippe Blache (LPL/ILCB) and Frédéric Béchet (LIS).

Several members of the Speech and Language Laboratory will have the opportunity to present their research work (see listing above).

CLeLfPC: a Large Open Multi-Speaker Corpus of French Cued Speech Brigitte Bigi, Maryvonne Zimmermann and Carine André
HECTOR: A Hybrid TExt SimplifiCation TOol for Raw Texts in French Amalia Todirascu, Rodrigo Wilkens, Eva Rolin, Thomas François, Delphine Bernhard and Núria Gala
The Badalona Corpus - An Audio, Video and Neuro-Physiological Conversational Dataset Philippe Blache, Salomé Antoine, Dorina De Jong, Lena-Marie Huttner, Emilia Kerr, Thierry Legou, Eliot Maës and Clément François
Integrating a Phrase Structure Corpus Grammar and a Lexical-Semantic Network: the HOLINET Knowledge Graph Jean-Philippe Prost
PATATRA and PATAFreq: two French databases for the documentation of within-speaker variability in speech Cécile Fougeron, Nicolas Audibert, Cedric Gendrot, Estelle Chardenon and Louise Wohmann
The Speed-Vel Project: a Corpus of Sound and Aerodynamic Data to Measure Droplets Emission During Speech Interaction in a Context of Covid-19 Contamination Francesca Carbone, Gilles Bouchet, Alain Ghio, Thierry Legou, Carine André, Muriel Lalain, Sabrina Kadri, Caterina Petrone, Federica Procino and Antoine Giovanni

In addition, Núria Gala (LPL) also organized the Workshop on Tools and Resources for People with READing DIfficulties (READI) which will take place on June 24:

There is also the Smiling and Laughter workshop across contexts and the life-span (SmiLa) coordinated this time by Chiara Mazzocconi (Post-doc ILCB/LPL). Several members of the LPL will be present this Friday, June 24:

  • Are you Smiling When I am Speaking? Auriane Boudin, Roxane Bertrand, Magalie Ochs, Philippe Blache and Stéphane Rauzy
  • A Measure of the Smiling Synchrony in the Conversational Face-to-face Interaction Corpus PACO-CHEESE Stéphane Rauzy, Mary Amoyal and Béatrice Priego-Valverde

Finally, Pauline Welby (LPL/CNRS) participated from her headquarters in Nouméa in the scientific committee of the Celtic Linguistics Technology Workshop which took place today as part of LREC 2022.

Impressions of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the LPL & the Study Days in Agay

The month of May was very busy for the members of the LPL because we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the laboratory together with our supervisors, our “former” members and our partners on May 13 on our campus in Aix-en-Provence!

LPL 50th anniversary website:

Slideshow of May 13:

Then, a few days later, the LPL moved to Agay (Saint Raphaël) for three study days which marked the completion of the 2017-2022 five-year term, under the direction of Laurent Prévot and Serge Pinto, as well as the development of the future joint project of the laboratory under the aegis of Christine Meunier and Sophie Herment, freshly elected in May as well.

Slideshow of the Study Days (restricted access):

The LPL celebrates its 50th anniversary!

The LPL is organizing an official day on Friday, May 13, 2022 on its site in Aix-en-Provence to celebrate 50 years of institutional existence at the CNRS.

This day will be held in particular in the presence of Antoine Petit, CEO of the CNRS, Éric Berton, president of Aix-Marseille University, Marie Gaille, director of the INSHS, Ricardo Etxepare, DAS of section 34, Philippe Delaporte, research vice-president from Aix-Marseille University, Denis Bertin, Deputy Vice-President of the A*MIDEX Foundation and Vice-President of Udice, and Laurent Prévot and Serge Pinto, respectively director and deputy director of the LPL.

LPL 50th anniversary website (in French):

Event of May 13, 2022 (in French):

Press release (in French)

[Event only accessible by invitation]

The LPL participates in the Kick-off event of the Carnot Cognition Institute

Labeled Carnot in February 2020 by the National Research Agency (ANR), the Cognition Institute is a nationwide Institute for developing research/business partnerships in the thematic field of cognition. It brings together 22 laboratories and research units – including the LPL – throughout France.

The official launch event was postponed due to the health situation and finally took place face-to-face on April 6-7, 2022. The LPL was represented over the two days by a delegation of several of its members (L. Prévot, N. Gala, C. Pattamadilok, C. Pichon-Starke).

The Institute’s Website: Institut Cognition (

A look back at the Researchers’ Night 2021

As a reminder, Clément François, Philippe Blache, Thierry Legou and Léonardo Lancia from LPL (Aix) and LPP (Paris) were present for the preparation workshops as well as the artistic performance, debates and scientific demos on September 24 and 25. In addition, four doctoral students from the COBRA project - Emilia Kerr, Lena Marie Huttner, Salomé Antoine and Dorina de Jong - joined them in order to collect data (EEG hyperscanning & interaction).

The Catalan project - co-funded under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions - aimed to bring scientists closer to the general public through an innovative language based on live performance and new language tools for researchers. The part of the LPL / LPP consisted first of all in designing and setting up an experiment to highlight the effects of the collaboration between the actors over the fifteen days of preparation for the show. The experiment aimed to measure in particular possible effects of synchronization or convergence from a linguistic, mimogestual, physiological and cerebral point of view.

The second contribution of the LPL / LPP consisted in the preparation and participation in the show, by capturing and showing live the brain activity of 5 members of the team integrated into one part of the show.

This experiment was conducted using Emotiv 14-channel Electroencephalography (EEG) systems recently developed and never previously used in research at LPL. This wireless headset allows, unlike the EEG Biosemi or EGI devices of the platform, the capture of electro-physiological information in field research situations or for educational purposes.

Event web site:

Performance replay:

Complete photo gallery:

Interview with Clément François (LPL):

Dorina's article on the COBRA research blog:

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