Can we predict what is happening in the brain while we are speaking?

Youssef Hmamouche (LPL post-doc) and Laurent Prévot (AMU professor and director of the LPL) - in collaboration with Magalie Ochs (LIS) and Thierry Chaminade (INS) - have just published an article about the BrainPredict tool, which aims to predict and visualize brain activity during human-human or human-robot conversations. The first experiments were carried out with 24 adult participants engaging in natural conversation, which lasted approximately 30 minutes. The first promising results open the way for future studies where there is integration, for example, of other sociolinguistic parameters, or aspects linked to certain language pathologies.

European project COBRA – Call for 15 PhD projects now open!

As part of the European COBRA project, a call for applications is open for 15 doctoral contracts. Application files must be submitted before March 31, 2020 on the website

COBRA (Conversational Brains) is a project carried out within the framework of the European Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks program. It brings together 14 partners in 10 countries (France, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Hong Kong), including 10 academic partners and 4 industrial partners. COBRA is a continuation of the European MULTI project previously carried out by the LPL, and is closely linked to the ILCB Institute. It aims to develop research and advanced training in the field of relationships between brain and language, in human-human and human-machine conversational interactions, and in a wide variety of languages. COBRA is coordinated by Noël Nguyen.