Heterogeneity, differentiation and contextualization in French as a foreign and second language

The journal Le français dans le Monde: Recherches et Applications – edited by the International Association of Teachers of French language – has just released its latest issue 72 coordinated by Catherine David and Amélie Leconte, both lecturers at AMU and members of the LPL.

Among the authors, many LPL colleagues contributed to this issue dedicated to the theme “Heterogeneity, differentiation and contextualization in French as a foreign and second language”: Marion Tellier, Bingjie Yun, Marco Cappellini, Paul Pouzergues, Emilie Lebreton, Amélie Leconte, Catherine David.

The summary: https://www.fdlm.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/sommaire-RA72_001-184_BAT_MEP.pdf
Journal web site: https://www.fdlm.org/supplements/recherches-et-applications/recherches-et-applications-n72/

Focus on creative practices in the FFL classroom

The SUPFLES Summer University will open its doors from July 4 to 16 around the theme of "Creative practices in the FFL classroom". This year, it welcomes face-to-face 17 French language teachers from different foreign countries to discuss their classroom practices (from primary to higher education).

Several members of the LPL will contribute in collaboration with teachers from SUL (formerly SUFLE), and in particular:

Summer school: https://www.univ-amu.fr/en/public/teacher-training-courses-fle
SUPFLES: https://www.univ-amu.fr/en/public/professionalization-courses-la-carte

New year starts under the sign of FFL didactics

Multimodality and multi-media for teaching and learning foreign languages

On January 8, the ASDIFLE Study Day will take place, co-organized by the LPL. This online day will bring together 5 speakers (Régine Llorca, Malory Leclere, Pauline Beaupoil, Nicolas Guichon and Marco Cappellini) around the theme of multimodality in the teaching and learning of foreign languages. 500 participants from 50 different countries are expected for the event which follows a professional day on the same theme, organized in Paris in January 2020.

To go further: https://asdifle.com/
Contact at the LPL: Marion Tellier