Corpus release about French Cued Speech

Brigitte Bigi - CNRS researcher at the LPL - has just submitted a corpus recorded in August 2021 during the internship organized by the French National Cued Speech Association (ALPC, :

Brigitte Bigi, Maryvonne Zimmermann (2021). CLeLfPC [Corpus]. ORTOLANG (Open Resources and TOols for LANGuage) -, v1,

Produced in collaboration with Maryvonne Zimmermann (ALPC-Datha) and Carine André (LPL-CNRS), this corpus contains audio / video recordings and read aloud annotations simultaneously coded in French Cued Speech (LfPC). LfPC coding results in hand movements that accompany speech. Its purpose is to facilitate lip reading for deaf people - by means of a more detailed understanding of phonemes - and thus to allow them access to the spoken French language.

Link to the corpus CLeLfPC:

Credits: 2021 B. Bigi et M. Zimmermann