Referential communication in dogs through the prism of acoustic analysis

The 50th Colloquium of the French Society for the Study of Animal Behavior (SFECA) will take place on May 31 and June 1 in Marseille (online). It is organized by local research laboratories, including the LPL.

On this occasion, Thierry Legou, CNRS research engineer at the LPL, will present an oral communication within the framework of the “Social Cognition” section entitled “Do dog vocalize differently towards their owner and food in an unsolvable task? An exploratory study ”.

Summary of the intervention:
The dog is an interesting study model in terms of comparative cognition with humans and referential or interspecies communication - especially dog-human communication - since he has lived with us for over 30,000 years. Our study consists of evaluating the dog's referential communication in the presence of a human (their master) and a target (food). The types of vocalizations of the dog during the experiment as well as their acoustic characteristics were analyzed to determine if these vocalizations are different when they are produced to the master or to the target.

Registration deadline for the conference: May 10, 2021