IMPEC 2022 symposium – Multimodal Interactions by Screen

01 July 2022 par Claudia Pichon-Starke
The event dedicated to the "Space through the prism of the screen" will be held from July 6-8 in Lyon..

IMPEC 2022 symposium - Multimodal Interactions by Screen

Space through the prism of the screen

ENS de Lyon, July 6-8 2022


On July 6, 7 and 8, the IMPEC 2022 symposium will take place. Following the exploration of presence (2016), the body (2018) and sensorialities (2020), the 2022 edition proposes to focus on the notion of space.

Christelle Combe, Marco Cappellini and Isabelle Cros (LPL/AMU) are part of the scientific and organizational committees.

Similarly, several members of the laboratory intervene during the event:

  •  Christine Appel, Marco Cappellini, Christelle Combe, Caroline Vincent : Hyflex learning and teaching : space and technological configurations for pedagogical activities and perceived presence
  • Caroline Vincent, Christelle Combe, Jean-François Grassin : Aménager un espace interactionnel partagé pour collaborer : le cas d’un séminaire polyartéfacté
  • Isabelle Cros, Marion Tellier: Construire et partager l’espace écranique en télécollaboration pour une autre relation pédagogique
  • Christelle Combe: Le spectacle vivant à l’épreuve du confinement : la reconfiguration des espaces à travers l’écran
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