Look back at the first workshop of the “European Performing Science Night”

The Fundació Èpica-La Fura dels Baus has just published the video made during the first preparation workshop and also filmed interviews with the partners of the event, including Clément François from the LPL.

As a reminder, four members of the LPL and LPP - Clément François, Philippe Blache, Thierry Legou and Léonardo Lancia - were present in Badalone at the first preparatory workshop which was held from June 29 to July 1. They will return on September 12 to prepare for the artistic performance, debates and scientific demos that will take place in the Catalan city on September 24 and 25, as part of the European Researchers' Night.

Four doctoral students from the COBRA project - Emilia Kerr, Lena Marie Huttner, Salome Antoine and Dorina de Jong - will also be present to collect data (EEG hyperscanning & interaction) during the 2 weeks of preparation.

Event website: https://epsn.epicalab.com/

Video and photos of the first workshop:

Interview with Clément François (LPL): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TSRQ4CNgOw


Events of the European Researchers' Night in France (also Aix-en-Provence): https://nuitdeschercheurs-france.eu/

The LPL is partner of the “European Performing Science Night”

Led by the Fundació Èpica-La Fura dels Baus and with the participation of the LPL (AMU-CNRS-ILCB) and four other partners, a research team will organize several events during the prestigious European Research Night on 24 September 2021, in Badalone (Catalonia). The project - co-financed under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions - aims to bring scientists closer to the general public through an innovative language based on the performing arts and new language tools for researchers.

For the first workshop to be held from June 29 to July 1, four members of the LPL and of the LPP Paris will be present in Badalone: Clément François (LPL), Thierry Legou (LPL), Philippe Blache (LPL) and Léonardo Lancia (LPP).

A call for participation has been launched for artists, scientists and technologists for our new face-to-face workshop which will take place at the Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus from September 13 to 25.

Call for participation open from June 7 to July 15: Open Call September – EPSN (epicalab.com)

Contact at the LPL: Clément François clement.francois@univ-amu.fr

European Performing Science Night project website: EPSN – European Performing Science Night (epicalab.com)

Teaser : https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQQ04W3CTIRaJzNMet0nf2IfP8T4KCU6U

LPL strongly represented at the study day dedicated to Clinical Phonetics

On May 27, the Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée (AFCP) organizes an online study day dedicated to Clinical Phonetics. Many lab members are present with a total of eight interventions:

Referential communication in dogs through the prism of acoustic analysis

The 50th Colloquium of the French Society for the Study of Animal Behavior (SFECA) will take place on May 31 and June 1 in Marseille (online). It is organized by local research laboratories, including the LPL.

On this occasion, Thierry Legou, CNRS research engineer at the LPL, will present an oral communication within the framework of the “Social Cognition” section entitled “Do dog vocalize differently towards their owner and food in an unsolvable task? An exploratory study ”.

Summary of the intervention:
The dog is an interesting study model in terms of comparative cognition with humans and referential or interspecies communication - especially dog-human communication - since he has lived with us for over 30,000 years. Our study consists of evaluating the dog's referential communication in the presence of a human (their master) and a target (food). The types of vocalizations of the dog during the experiment as well as their acoustic characteristics were analyzed to determine if these vocalizations are different when they are produced to the master or to the target.

Registration deadline for the conference: May 10, 2021

The 7th edition of the annual Doctoral Students’ Day (JAD) dedicated to the links between science and society

We are pleased to communicate to you the program of the 7th edition of the Annual PhD Students Day 2021 around the theme “Sciences and Society”: http://www2.lpl-aix.fr/~jad/programme.htm

This year again, the JAD promises to be a great moment for scientific exchange and sharing. We will have the pleasure of attending oral and poster presentations by doctoral students from different disciplines and laboratories (FLSH, LIS, LPC, ILCB, BCBL, LPL).

We are also pleased to announce that we have received nearly 140 confirmations of participation. Thank you for your interest in this event!

The day will be held entirely online on Friday March 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the interactive Gathertown platform, from which we will be able to access the poster sessions as well as the oral presentations.

Contact: jad (arobase) lpl-aix.fr

New year starts under the sign of FFL didactics

Multimodality and multi-media for teaching and learning foreign languages

On January 8, the ASDIFLE Study Day will take place, co-organized by the LPL. This online day will bring together 5 speakers (Régine Llorca, Malory Leclere, Pauline Beaupoil, Nicolas Guichon and Marco Cappellini) around the theme of multimodality in the teaching and learning of foreign languages. 500 participants from 50 different countries are expected for the event which follows a professional day on the same theme, organized in Paris in January 2020.

To go further: https://asdifle.com/
Contact at the LPL: Marion Tellier

UPOP highly attractive to (young) researchers at LPL

The Popular University of Marseille-Métropole (UPOP) has resumed its "Language" conference cycle and is once again welcoming LPL specialists this academic year. All the lectures are freely accessible by videoconference on the day of the intervention, and also generally by podcast on the UPOP Youtube channel.

Program 2020/2021 (conferences in French language):

07/12 Emilie Lebreton: L’accès au(x) français par des personnes migrantes

14/12 Christine Meunier: Comment reconnait-on la voix d’autrui ?

18/01 Núria Gala: Vaincre les difficultés de lecture et compréhension de textes

25/01 Mary Amoyal: Le sourire en sciences du langage

22/03 Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus: Discrimination à l’accent

29/03 Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus: Le « poids » des mots