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30 November 2021

Corpus release about French Cued Speech

Brigitte Bigi has just submitted a corpus recorded in August 2021 during the internship organized by the French National Cued Speech Association..
26 November 2021

Do we adapt our gestures to our interlocutor?

Marion Tellier, Gale Stam and Alain Ghio have just published the article « Handling language: How future language teachers adapt their gestures to their interlocutor » in the journal Gesture..
12 November 2021

Ana Zappa laureate of the 2021 AMU thesis prize

She will be honored next Wednesday for her work entitled "Embodied semantics put to the test: eletrophysiological evidence from virtual reality and classic environments"..
27 October 2021

The voice in all its states

The reference book about « The voice: anatomy, physiology and explorations » (in French) supervised by Antoine Giovanni has just been published by De Boeck..
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