News from Carnot Cognition: Interview with Roxane Bertrand & two new LPL projects funded!

08 September 2023 par Claudia Pichon-Starke

Roxane Bertrand interviewed by Carnot Cognition

Over the last few months, the Carnot Cognition Institute has published a series of testimonials from researchers and industrialists, highlighting partnership research initiatives in cognitive technologies. In this context, the Institute has just interviewed Roxane Bertrand, CNRS research director.

Link to the interview (in French):

Two new LPL projects have been selected in the latest Carnot Cognition call for projects in 2023
  • Social Listener - SOLIST project led by Noël Nguyen (LPL) in collaboration with Julien Diard (LPNC) and Ladislas Nalborczyk (Neurospin).
  • Projet EXPOLECT_DOM led by Stéphanie Ducrot (LPL) in collaboration with Jonathan Grainger (LPC)
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