What are the tools for treating voice-related pathologies?

At the end of July, AP-HM – Marseille University hospitals published a new video shot at the ENT Department of the Hôpital de la Conception in Marseille. This time, the film devoted to voice treatment highlights the methods and instruments used of two voice specialists and members of the LPL: Antoine Giovanni, ENT doctor and University Professor, and Joana Revis, speech therapist, vocologist and Junior Professor.

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ENT department at the Hôpital de la Conception


Does the body still have a place in distance education?

"At the university, while the courses are now delivered by videoconference, teachers and students find themselves in perpetual digital representation. How do you re-establish a real bond?"

In an article published in the media "The Conversation", Marion Tellier, University professor in language teaching (LPL / AMU) and specialist in gestures, wonders about the role of the body and pedagogical gestures during online courses.

Link to article (in French): Does the body still have a place in distance education? (theconversation.com)


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The accent explained by Fernandel … and by our colleagues at the LPL!

The program 20h30 le samedi of February 27 was shot in part in the anechoic chamber of the LPL! While Alain Ghio, CNRS research engineer, is at the helm of the vocal evaluation device (EVA2), Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus, assistant professor in language sciences, answers questions from France 2 journalists on regional and especially Marseille accents.

Link: "20h30 le samedi". L’accent de Fernandel - France 2 - 27 février 2021 - En replay (francetvinfo.fr)

Is there only one French language?

The French journal "Sciences Humaines" publishes in its last issue of February 2021 a special file on language which contains an interview with Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus on the question "Is there only one French language? ". Assistant professor at Aix-Marseille University and affiliated to the LPL, Médéric is also a columnist on France Bleu Provence. His latest book has just been published by Éditions du Fioupélan.

Interview (end of the article) : Ok boomer ! Ces jeunes qui inventent la langue (scienceshumaines.com)

Words are travellers…

On January 26, the newspaper “Le Mauricien”, the main daily on the island, published an article on the work of German researchers on Mauritian Creole, also highlighting the studies of Sibylle Kriegel. AMU professor and specialist in French lexical Creoles at the LPL, she evokes here her work on “Morphosyntaxic copies of bhojpouri in Mauritian Creole” – in Creole of course! – presented at a conference in 2019.

 > Link to the article online or pdf

Interact with a robot, it’s not the same!

Listen to the interview of Thierry Chaminade who presents the last article – co-written also by Laurent Prévot – on the interactions between human and machine published last March 11th in the journal “Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B” (open access). It’s now on France Inter radio podcast !

Brain activity during reciprocal social interaction investigated using conversational robots as control condition
Birgit Rauchbauer , Bruno Nazarian , Morgane Bourhis , Magalie Ochs , Laurent Prévot and Thierry Chaminade

Published:11 March 2019 https://doi.org/10.1098/rstb.2018.0033

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