Building a multimodal discursive ethos by developing digital literacy

Christelle Combe and Marco Cappellini, two associate professors affiliated with the LPL, have just published an article in the latest issue of the journal "Le français dans le monde: Recherches & applications" about digital practice in the field of teaching French as a foreign language (FFL).

For those interested in the article, the LPL library subscribes to the journal and issue number 69 is now available! 😉

Abstract: How do future teachers of EFL build their pre-professional ethos by developing digital literacy? In a project of telecollaboration between future teachers and learners of EFL, this is done in three steps: first of all when sending a self presentation video, then during the writing of online instructions on an asynchronous platform and finally during videoconference sessions. By revisiting the notion of ethos, this article redefines the tutorial ethos through the analysis of three tutorial discursive genres in a digital environment.