Technical and administrative support

The laboratory benefits from several administrative and technical support for its research activites.

Administration et financial management

  • Administrative manager: Stéphanie Desous
  • Accounting manager: Nadia Monsegu, Catherine Perrot
  • ILCB administration: Nadéra Bureau

IT service

  • IT infrastructure and security: Cyril Deniaud
  • Computer equipment mangagement: Sébastion Bermond

Information system

  • Gilles Pouchoulin

Documentation, edition and communication

  • Joëlle Lavaud
  • Claudia Pichon-Starke

Experimental platform CEP

  • Equipment loan, user support, participant recruitment: Sabrina Kadri
  • Video equipment loan, video capture: Carine André
  • IT equipment loan: Sébastien Bermond
  • Research ingenieurs: Anne-Sophie Dubarry, Alain Ghio, Thierry Legou

Experimental ressources of the ILCB

  • Support for ILCB funded projects (project submission)
  • Team: Deirdre Bolger, Valérie Chanoine, Thierry Legou, Christelle Zielinski


  • Frédéric Lefèvre


  • Support forum (Club Stat) around statistical methods of analyzing data related to speech and language: Anne-Sophie Dubarry, Stéphane Rauzy