The Centre for Speech Experimentation (CEP) is a shared experimental platform for the collection and analysis of data for the study of speech production and perception. The CEP allows to gather a wide range of audio and video data, but also physiological and cerebral information. The CEP is composed of different technical platforms on a surface of 150 m2 and offers the possibility to conduct the experiments in excellent conditions.

The platform is open for external requests et benefits of the label Aix-Marseille Technological Plateform.

The CEP is composed of three sectors:

APAVIP (Aero-Phono-Audio-Video-Perception) --- Contact: Alain Ghio
ArtiPhys (EMA, Palatography, Biopac) --- Contact: Thierry Legou
Neurotrack (Neurophysiology and Eye-tracking) --- Contact: Anne-Sophie Dubarry

Moreover, users benefit of the support of the following technical staff:

Antonio Serrato for audio data recording and consumable supply;
Carine André for video data recording;
Sébastien Bermond for experimental hardware loan.

More information: Website of the CEP

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