19 June 2024

Séminaire : Présentation du projet ANR-DFG SocioBaGS

Macro- and micro-variation in Bantu grammatical gender systems and their sociolinguistic correlates

Séminaire de l'équipe SYSTUS

Présentation du projet ANR-DFG  SocioBaGS : Macro- and micro-variation in Bantu grammatical gender systems and their sociolinguistic correlates

Mercredi 19 juin de 10h30 à 12h00

Salle de conférences B011 au LPL & accessible en ligne également

Lien Zoom : https://univ-amu-fr.zoom.us/j/82370092820
Passcode : 752098

Evènement ouvert à tous les membres du laboratoire !

Résumé de la présentation (en anglais) :
In this seminar, we will present SocioBaGS, a newly launched research project funded by the ANR-DFG joint funding scheme. SocioBaGS is hosted by the LPL and the Department of Language Science and Technology at Saarland University, and is jointly coordinated by Francesca Di Garbo and Annemarie Verkerk. In this project, we investigate contact-induced change in the nominal classification systems of the Bantu languages through large-scale comparative analyses and field-based studies conducted in several regions of the Bantu-speaking world. Linguistic variation and diachronic change are the foci of this project. By comparing diachronic changes attested in Bantu languages in contact with non-Bantu languages with those attested in situations of Bantu-Bantu contact, and using a combination of typological and field-based studies, we aim to show how processes of language divergence and convergence differ depending on whether languages (and populations) in contact share ancestry. Our team consists of researchers with leading expertise in Bantu historical-comparative and contact linguistics, the language and population history of the Bantu people and Africa, language typology, sociolinguistics, and quantitative methods in the language sciences. During the talk, we will introduce the members of the team and showcase SocioBaGS’ research program and vision.

Responsable du projet : Francesca Di Garbo (LPL)
Autres membres LPL : Alain Ghio, Sibylle Kriegel

Démarrage officiel : 1er mai 2024


19 June 2024, 10h3012h00
LPL, salle de conférences B011 & En ligne via Zoom

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