26 August 2024

7th ILCB Summer School 2024

The ILCB Summer School 2024 will be held at the Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM) nestled within Marseille’s picturesque Parc National des Calanques from August 26th to August 30th.

Subjects Covered:

Our courses on Language, Communication and the Brain encompass a wide range of approaches at introductory and advanced levels across many thematic areas, including:

  • Applied Mathematics & Statistics
  • Neuroscience & Behavior
  • Language & Cognition
  • Computer Science and Machine Learning
  • Explore the complete program and course schedule.

Link : https://www.ilcb.fr/2024-2/

26 Aug 202430 Aug 2024
CIRM, Marseille

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