12 October 2022

Education & language seminar: Gestures and language learning

As part of the Education & Language Seminar of LPL, we will have a seminar on Wednesday oct. 12, from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the theme "Gestures and language learning", room B011 of the LPL in Aix en Provence. A co-modality will be proposed, if you wish to be online, please register here:  https://framaforms.org/gestuelle-et-lapprentissage-des-langues-1664436804

Two talks (in English)

- Gale Stam, National Louis University, Chicago (USA) Gesture as a Means of Assessing Changes in Thinking for Speaking and the Effectiveness of Concept-Based Language Instruction.

- Anaïs Cauna, AMU, LPL, LPC, Ampiric: Embodied practice to increase L1 vocabulary acquisition by French children.


Credits : Image by Victoria_Borodinova from Pixabay

12 October 2022, 14h0015h30
LPL, room B011 and online
Séminaire Education & Langues