22 January 2021

Séminaire de l’équipe Représentations et Dynamiques (REaDY)

10h30-11h10: Chotiga Pattamadilok

From lip- to script-reading: An integrative view of Audio-Visual Associations in language processing (AVA)

During the talk, I will present the general idea of our new ANR project that proposes to explore the relationships between the two main forms of audio-visual association in language processing, i.e., the associations between speech and articulatory gestures and between speech and orthography. Given their distinct properties, these natural and artificial audio-visual associations have been considered as two cognitive processes that are explained by different theoretical models. The present proposal adopts a novel perspective that seeks to establish the missing link between them. The aim is to elaborate a unified framework explaining how different inputs jointly contribute to forming coherent language representations. A new study that we conducted to address this issue will be presented.

11h10-11h50: Amie Fairs

Can we successfully carry out speech production experiments online?

In this age of COVID, more and more psychological experiments need to be carried out online so that data can still be collected. While much research has shown that typical language comprehension studies, such as lexical decision, can be carried out online, to our knowledge there are no online language production studies. Anecdotally, many language production researchers are skeptical about whether online production data are reliable. We sought in this experiment to carry out a typical production study – picture naming – online, and to determine a) whether we could replicate the well-known production effect of word frequency, b) whether the response patterns were similar to a lab-based experiment, and c) whether online-related parameters, such as internet speed, would have an effect on response times or errors. Preliminary data analysis suggests that we can replicate the word frequency effect, yet the distributions of responses and amount of errors are different to lab based experiments. While this analysis is preliminary, this suggests that online production studies are valuable and find similar sized effects to the lab. In addition, in the course of testing this experiment we have learnt a lot of practical information useful for online production studies, which I will discuss.

22 January 2021, 10h3012h00
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