06 November 2020

Seminar Laurent Besacier (LIG)

The first seminar of autumn 2020 focuses on the BULB project as an example of computational language documentation...
An introduction to computational language documentation: example of the BULB project (presentation in French)
By Laurent Besacier of the LIG (IT Lab Grenoble)

Abstract: In this talk, I will introduce computational language documentation which is an emerging interdisciplinary field where linguistics leverage machine learning in order to help language documentation. First contributions on this topic were done during the BULB* project which addressed oral Bantu languages. I will present some insights of BULB in this talk: (1) how to ease or speed up speech data collection using mobile apps (2) how to leverage neural sequence-to-sequence models for automatic data processing and analysis.

*BULB: Breaking the Unwritten Language Barrier
06 November 2020, 10h3012h00