11 January 2021

POP team meeting: scientific part

Part open to all from 3.30 p.m.: scientific presentations on current projects
  • Emilie Marty: “How do we use prosody in the prefaces to news announcements to prepare our interlocutor to receive them?
  • Francesca Carbone: “Creation of delexicalized stimuli for the study of emotional prosody. An alternative method to low-pass filtering »
  • Caterina Petrone: “Progress of the SpeedVel experimental protocol: focus on linguistic tasks”
  • Alain Ghio: “Atypical Speech Processing Platform Project (PATY)”
Part reserved for team members:
  • Point chapter LPL
  • March 2021 seminar
  • Various information
11 January 2021, 15h3017h00