21 May 2021

Dialogic meetings, 1st edition: Mediations

Dialogic Meetings: Vivid Questions in Education


May 21, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.:


– Online event –


Bi-annual, the “Dialogic Meetings” are a time for the exchange of points of view around hot issues in education. At each meeting, two guests, one representing “the field” in the broad sense, the other research, share their points of view around a notion of current affairs, in dialogue with the listeners. Indeed, the public is invited to play an active role in this debate of ideas and this questioning. This device aims to allow participants to establish a space of thought “between” each other (Bakhtine et al., 1984; Buber, 1999) and therefore to different logics of meeting (Le Moigne & Morin, 1999; Morin, 2005).

The public: MEEF Master students of all grades, FLE Master students, Educational Sciences, sociology, psychology, philosophy, cognitive sciences, litterature and languages, etc. ; doctoral students; teachers; trainers; inspectors; researchers …

Contact: sfere-rencontres-dialogiques@univ-amu.fr

Contact at LPL: Sandrine Eschenauer / Isabelle Cros

21 May 2021, 10h0012h30