The voice in all its states

27 October 2021 par Claudia Pichon-Starke
The reference book about « The voice: anatomy, physiology and explorations » (in French) supervised by Antoine Giovanni has just been published by De Boeck..

The collection "The voice: anatomy, physiology and explorations" edited by Antoine Giovanni (LPL, AMU, CHU) has just been published by the publisher De Boeck (in French). Among the authors are the following members of the LPL POP team: Estelle Bogdanski, Alain Ghio, Thierry Legou, Alexia Mattei, Joana Revis and Danièle Robert-Rochet.

The reference work dedicated to vocal functioning is primarily intended for professionals and students of phoniatry and speech therapy.

> La voix : anatomie, physiologie et explorations | De Boeck Supérieur ( (in French)

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