Rethinking forms of presence in the age of videoconferences

24 June 2021 par Claudia Pichon-Starke
Christelle Combe has contributed to the book "Build interaction among screens" which has just been published at the Ateliers de sens public..

Christelle Combe (LPL / AMU) contributed to the book Build interaction among screens. Forms of Presence in Research and Training which has just been published in the Ateliers de sens public.

The book is available in open access in an augmented HTML version, in PDF, as well as in other formats. The project, led by Christine Develotte, includes contributions from Amélie Bouquain, Tatiana Codreanu, Christelle Combe, Morgane Domanchin, Mabrouka El Hachani, Dorothée Furnon, Jean-François Grassin, Justine Lascar, Samira Ibnelkaïd, Joséphine Rémon and Caroline Vincent.

Link to the augmented HTML version:

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