Official launch of the MASTRI trilingual Master’s degree in Seychelles

22 February 2024 par Claudia Pichon-Starke
Coordinated by Sibylle Kriegel, the Master's project is the result of the collaboration between UniSey and AMU, with the support of the French Embassy in Seychelles..

On Wednesday 21 February, the University of Seychelles officially launched the MASTRI trilingual Master's project (Creole, English, French) in collaboration with Aix-Marseille University and with the support of the French Embassy (FSPI-R project). Coordinated by our colleague Sibylle Kriegel (AMU/LPL), this project will enable local students to achieve a high level of education (bac +5) without having to go abroad for two years. It will also help to strengthen the codification of Creole and maintain the French language locally. This Master's degree is due to start in September 2025, with students moving to AMU for six months to follow courses in various ALLSH departments.

Furthermore, the event was announced on the front page of the Seychelles most important daily newspaper today!

More information (in English):


Credits: UniSey

Credits: Nation, Seychelles

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