10 January 2019

Seminar of Pascal Taranto “LABΩ: platform for the realization of collaborative thematic projects”

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Seminar of January 10, 2019, 14h, in room B011 at the LPL

Pascal Taranto
(Gilles Gaston Granger Center)
LABΩ: platform for the realization of collaborative thematic projects

Summary :

New concept of online research platform for the realization of collaborative thematic projects in the field SHS in particular, LABΩ allows to start quickly and to carry out a research program mobilizing virtually an international network, multidisciplinary and multilevel (of the enlightened amateur to the PR through the doctoral student) without having to look for funding but only on the basis of the scientific interest of the project.

LABΩ is both:
1. an incubator for scientific projects and a nursery for calls for projects;
2. a hub of services and tools currently scattered on the net and under-used or poorly known (bib inist, cat inist, HAL, translators, ISTEX, visios, etc.) all of which will be available in one click on the platforms LABΩ
3. A data generator open editions for research.
4. Potentially a new doctoral training process

The project aims to produce baseline results through a collaborative process that allows for an accurate assessment of the quality of individual contributions. Five pitfalls of current research are targeted:
• the standardization of SHS projects by the call for projects policy as it is currently conceived,
• the loss of time and public money generated by this process (1.5 out of 10 projects are selected while 40% are rated A)
• the demobilization of researchers,
• the decline in the quality of the scientific level by the pressure to publish
• and the great difficulty of objectively evaluating the results of the research.

This project is financially supported by SATT-SE and the PACA region, and will be presented at Innovatives SHS 2019.

10 January 2019, 14h0016h00
LPL, conference room B011